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Jacquitta Boone

Jacquitta began her yoga journey in December of 2014 and is now a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher as of May 2017 after completing her training with Samantha Harrison at Yogivibes Studio. Her practice has evolved leading her to understand that yoga is connecting the mind to the body through breath awareness and fluid movements. She teaches an Alignment-based Vinyasa Style yoga with a focus on body and self awareness.
Having recently completed her MBA from East Carolina University while working full time, Jacquitta knows the importance of Self-Care which she emphasizes in her classes. Jacquitta teaches both group and private classes which create an environment of awareness and acceptance through encouraging students to recognize that their practice is their own and may not look like everyone else's.

Andrea Franchini

Andrea began teaching yoga in Washington DC in 2003 when she received her RYT (registered yoga teacher) 200 hour yoga teaching certification. She has led classes and taught individual sessions also in the San Francisco Bay area and Asheville NC. Sharing yoga became a way to inspire people to empower their lives, to re-empower a lost connection to their physical, mental and emotional health and harmony. Throughout her career she has shared meditation and yoga with youth at community centers, schools through Non Profit organisations, volunteer and Seva programs both in United States and abroad in South America and the Caribbean. She recently moved to Raleigh and is excited to offer classes (and private sessions) focused on breath, anatomical alignment and inner flow.

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danni jones

Danni Jones

Danni was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. She relocated to Raleigh NC in 1999 and received her Bachelors in Sociology from North Carolina State University. Danni begin her nine-month transformation yoga teacher training program in August 2016. Two months later Danni walked away from an 11-year career in banking, deciding to follow her dreams and pursue a career in fitness full-time.
As a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and RYT 200 Danni has been able to share her love for fitness with people daily, helping them reach their fitness and life goals one day at a time. Danni credits yoga for helping her through the most difficult times of her life. Yoga has slowly become the focal point of her studies and fitness regimen as she looks for opportunities to “spread yoga love” whenever she can.

Patrice Graham

Patrice first attended a yoga class in 2008, but dismissed yoga as “just stretching.” Thankfully, she began practicing yoga regularly in 2012 after a friend persuaded her to try a hot yoga class. Hot yoga felt more like a “workout” than “just stretching” and with a steady practice came the ability to see progress in herself on and off the mat. Patrice fell in love with the mental benefits of inner peace that the yoga practice provides for at least one hour during class emails, calls, to-do lists and even anxiety were far away. Consistently attending yoga classes several times a week after leaving her high stress job also helped create healthy boundaries to ensure appropriate work/life balance.
Inspired by the life-changing effects of Yoga in her own life, Patrice completed Yoga Teacher Training at Carrboro Yoga Company to help impart the benefits of yoga to others. Patrice’s contagious, bubbly personality help to drive thoughtful yet playful non-judgmental classes that leave participants feeling refreshed. Patrice truly believes that strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet so expect to feel like a friend in her class. Also, you are almost guaranteed to hear some of her favorite hip-hop and R&B jams during class. Outside of yoga Patrice enjoys traveling, tennis, hiking and reading.

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Nadia Kellner

Nadia’s passion for yoga started in 2015 when she discovered the physical and mental benefits of the ancient practice. Yoga continued to reconnect her with the roots of human compassion and humility towards all beings. She decided to deepen her practice and knowledge of yoga by pursuing her 200 hour teacher training to further explore the philosophy of yoga and fundamentals of human anatomy. Nadia enjoys teaching yoga to groups of all ages and different backgrounds; she embraces yoga as a journey of constant learning about self and others and utilizes teaching as a tool of sharing the bliss of yoga with her community. Teaching yoga has also been beneficial to her creative soul and artistic energy, when she is not practicing yoga, she is working on her sculptures.

Lauren Morris

Lauren came to yoga as a way to find stress relief. As a social worker, stress was a regular part of her daily life. Practicing yoga asana helped Lauren find better ways to manage my stress and made her want to learn more about yoga. After completing a 200 hr teacher training Lauren began to feel a need to bring her yoga practice and social work career together. This is currently showing up with offering gentle and chair yoga classes for individuals with limited mobility or disabilities.
Lauren has also been fortunate enough to discover the amazing practice of Thai Yoga Therapy. Thai Yoga Therapy has often been referred to as the “lazy man’s yoga”. With Thai Yoga therapy the practitioner places the recipient into yoga positions. With the practitioner supporting the body, the recipient has the ability to relax their muscles and take rest. This therapy is ideal for anyone with chronic stress, regular pain, and those with mobility impairments. Talk to Lauren if you are interested in learning more or receiving Thai Yoga Therapy.
In addition to practicing yoga, Lauren also loves to knit, go for runs with her dog, and travel with her husband.
Lauren looks forward to meeting many new people here at Colors of Yoga. One of her favorite things in life is hearing about other people’s interests. Lauren can’t wait to meet you and learn about what interests you about yoga practice and life!

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Bree Sifford-Bailey

Bree is a dual licensed massage therapist and yoga teacher who loves to fuse the knowledge of both worlds to offer an eclectic balance of wellness and clarity.
Specializing in strength and core yoga but knows the importance of ease and flow types as well.

Donnae S.Y. Ward Laughinghouse

Donnae is a native of the beautiful island of Grand Bahama, Bahamas. Music and dance have always had a strong presence in her life, especially coming from a very musical background of entertainers and performers. She has danced professionally in the Bahamas, the U.S, and in South America while perfecting various dance styles such as Modern, Hip Hop, Caribbean and Salsa.
Her passion for food expanded in Food and Nutrition over the years from her love of cooking to studying the way food interacts with the body. She holds two Bachelor of Science degrees in Nutrition and Wellness and Dietetics and is a current graduate student. She is a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor and health activist. Donnae has worked in many areas with different clients ranging from corporate settings, summer camps, universities, and in the community.


Nakiyah Webber

Nakiyah began her journey with yoga in late 2015 upon her college graduation. After many life circumstances that left her feeling as if her well being, health, and overall life had been compromised, she learned that the one place that made her feel like she he had won herself back was within yoga. After losing around 40 pounds and getting back into the swing of a happy life, she went on to embark on her journey as a yoga instructor to share with others, the beauty of finding your peace within the present moment on your yoga mat. Nakiyah recently was accepted into the Skills in Action 200 Hr RYT Program and has already built a large foundation of her practice through teaching private and group yoga sessions, fitness workshops, and yoga for athletes. Nakiyah specializes in adapting her class practice so that all of those learning from her can take away from it on their own individual level while having fun to customized playlist built to motivate each and every student. She is happy to be apart of the COY Family and hopes to see you at one of her many classes!